ZTE Open II arrives at Movistar Nicaragua

The new device ZTE Open II with Firefox OS has made its arrival at the warehouses of Movistar Nicaragua, a team that comes to this country to offer the opportunity to all those people who want to buy a smartphone for the first time.

The ZTE Open II has 256 MB of RAM and 2 GB of internal storage, reinforced with Mozilla’s mobile operating system, which as we know is based on HTML5 and with a Linux kernel, which unlike iOS and Android has open source.

Firefox OS was already available in many Latin American countries but as of Tuesday, our Nicaraguan friends will already be able to acquire a terminal equipped in the operating system.

The equipment has a price of 59.99 dollars plus VAT in Movistar, including a week of free navigation on the mobile internet and a price through a contract that starts at 16.98 dollars plus VAT.

Spice Fire One MI-FX1 is the new $ 38 Firefox OS phone

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced its intention to launch a $ 25 smartphone running Firefox OS. So far they have not fulfilled their intentions, however, India’s smartphone maker, Spice Mobility, has launched a device that comes close to what Mozilla offered.

With a price of approximately $ 38, the Spice Fire One MI-FX1 will be intended for those users who buy a smartphone for the first time and those with a very limited budget. The specifications are nothing special, with some limitations that hover around a low resolution screen and lack of 3G connectivity, but several useful elements such as dual sim functionality, bluetooth and a front and rear camera.

“With the very low-cost Spice Fire One, we focus on converting simple mobile phone users into smartphone users, therefore, they will know the power of the Internet. This partnership with Mozilla shows our commitment to offer the best technological innovation first hand to our customers, said Prashant Bindal, CEO of Spice Mobility. ”

The full list of specifications of the Spice Fire One MI-FX1 are as follows:

  • 1 Ghz single-core processor.
  • 3.5 “HVGA screen (480 x 320 pixels)
  • 2.5G connectivity
  • Self-contained 1.3-megapixel camera.
  • 2-megapixel rear camera.
  • Bluetooth, WiFi support.
  • Dual sim functionality
  • Firefox OS.
  • GPS / Gyroscope.

It comes with some pre-installed basic applications, such as Twitter and Facebook, while others can be installed through the Firefox Marketplace. The photographs shown in this article also show applications such as HERE Maps and AccuWeather installed on the device, however it is not mentioned if they will come with the device or if they will have to be purchased separately through the Marketplace.

ZTE Open II arrived in Movistar Colombia

The ZTE Open II device has landed in Movistar Colombia to delight the technological “partners”, with a price of 118,800 pesos and in black and white colors.

If you are in Colombia and want to acquire this great device equipped with Firefox OS you can visit the official Movistar website for that country.

PicsArt for Firefox OS now available!

PicsArt for Firefox OS can now be downloaded in the Marketplace, this is one of the best applications to edit photographs and make collages, without a doubt, with options such as adding different texts, colors and styles, as well as special effects, stickers and much more, Its developers have strived to turn it into a kind of social network and we can honestly say that it is not bad.

PicsArt will offer you the possibility of becoming an artist, since it has great capabilities as a photo editor, so do not miss this excellent application for your Firefox OS device and start to give your photos a different style.

OpenWapp, another alternative to WhatsApp for Firefox OS

OpenWapp has come to the Marketplace to offer you another alternative to WhatsApp in your Firefox OS, it is an open source project where anyone can contribute in relation to its development.

The features of OpenWapp for Firefox OS are the following:

No hidden costs:  Once your friends and you download the application, you can use it to chat as much as you want.
Multimedia:  Send video, images, music and your location to your contacts.
Group Chat: Chat with your contacts in group conversations. Add or remove participants to the group, change the subject or add an image.
Staff: Put a profile picture that will be shown to all your contacts.

According to its developer, the most recent version has been tested on devices with Firefox OS 1.1 and Firefox OS 1.3, so that development teams could find some errors.

OpenWapp joins the list of existing WhatsApp alternatives for Firefox OS, including Connecta2 or Loqui IM .


Mozilla Location Service, a growing geolocation service

At the end of last year, Mozilla announced its location service as a pilot project to provide geolocation searches based on information from WiFi hotspots and communication tower cells.

These searches can be used for example where the  GPS is not available or is not accurate enough. The map shows 27 million measurement points through 10 x 10-meter reticular cells and Mozilla is working hard with the Mapbox team as far as the project is concerned.

For the growth of the maps and the locations, we have the option of downloading  Mozstumbler for Android, an application that we will have to execute for those places we go, scanning the WiFi networks and the cells of the communication towers, all this to build the map, which is focused on a totally free database (in comparison with the Google and Apple maps, which are proprietary).

The Mozstumbler application can be found in F-Droid  or GitHub .

Do you want Instagram for Firefox OS? Come and put your signature

I recommend you read this, especially if you want  Instagram for Firefox OS, well, who would not want to enjoy one of the most growing social networks in recent times ?, in this post we will simply try to show Facebook (yes, the owners and masters of Instagram ) that we are many we want to be able to use their application on our devices with Mozilla’s mobile operating system.

Why Instagram for Firefox OS?

Instagram is a social network of photography that was initially exclusive to Apple, after a while it appeared on Google Play and a little later in the Windows Phone appstore. Later it was absorbed and/or bought by Facebook and so far it can be said that they have done an excellent job with it, filling it with excellent features such as uploading and viewing videos, InstaDirect (Private Messages) and changing its interface completely, with a new version developed in HTML5 that by the way I love it.

We know that it is not easy, but we also know that nothing is impossible, so the best thing is that we are the first to ask for it, let’s launch a message and see how this results. (Possibly in the future we will also do it with WhatsApp ).

If this post gets more than 100 likes, more than 100 +1 on Google+, more than 100 Retweets and more than 100 comments  in which they will have to explain why they want Instagram for Firefox OS (sign with the best comment you can), then we will begin to mention it in the official social networks of Facebook and Instagram, will it be worth it ?, you decide with your support :).

In summary, this is what we will do:

Step 1: Give importance to the post with the interactions in social networks.

Step 2: If the post shows that there are a lot of people interested (evaluating the results in step 1), we will proceed to send the request to Facebook and Instagram via social networks.

Step 3: To wait for the results.

You know, if you want to order Instagram for Firefox OS, this is where we will open the first door to make your request.

Pinterest is now available for Firefox OS

For no one is it a secret that when an operating system begins its journey through the world it has to suffer some setbacks, such as the lack of applications, the lack of knowledge on the part of consumers of its existence, among other things.

Pinterest, another of the “super” social networks that comes to Firefox OS

The truth is that in the case of Firefox OS, we already have applications to manage very popular social networks such as Facebook and  Twitter , but today researching the Marketplace we have realized that another of the most talked about is already available, we are talking about Pinterest, the famous social network where we create albums, share and publish photographs, “pineamos” and enjoy all its other features.

Pinterest comes to Firefox OS as another of the social networks that cannot miss anyone, and is that we particularly like one of those that we like, because we can recreate images of everything we are a fan of in just a couple clicks, create my albums and enjoy the albums of others, plus we love its interface and originality compared to other social networks.

Each of you can give the appropriate use according to your tastes, but for us in particular is one of those social networks that cannot be absent in any way or way, and proof of this is that our blog has a Pinterest account for a while now.

If you have any doubt about our love for Pinterest, all you have to do is download it in the Marketplace and follow us in our account ;).

These are the Firefox OS computers that will be launched in 2014

Today I want to write in a few letters and in summary form the teams that will have Firefox OS in this year 2014 , we know that the information is extensive, but precisely what we want is for all of us to know what is coming for us this year , and nothing better than writing it as a summary.

Firefox OS computers that will be launched in 2014

In collaboration with Spreadtrum will be released a team with Firefox OS whose name is unknown (Code is SC6821), will cost $ 25 ( Watch Video ). – Note: Spreadtrum could also be developing other computers with Firefox OS, which are the SC7710 and the SC7715.

ZTE Open C


Huawei Ascend Y300II

Alcatel One Touch Fire C

Alcatel One Touch Fire E

Alcatel One Touch Fire S

Alcatel Fire 7 (Tablet)

So far these are the teams that are known will be released so far this year, and although some were promised for the first quarter, nothing that looms, if we have missed some, do not stop to let us know through the comments;).

Firefox OS 1.4 and 1.5 simulators already available

It seems that some Chinese developers have already had the opportunity to try Firefox OS 2.0, an operating system that is not known much but today we bring some images where we can see details related to its new interface. Apparently, Mozilla has decided to adapt a little to its strongest competitors to make changes, so it is possible that we find similarities with both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS 7.

It is worth noting that, although the images look credible, the lack of information as to how they were obtained brings a certain degree of doubt as to their authenticity, so we should consider this with some skepticism. Currently, Firefox is in its version of OS 1.3 and most developers interested in the platform is already working with a preliminary version of version 1.4.

As its authors mention it:

In this way, you can easily test the application in each version (from 1.2 to 1.5) of the Firefox OS simulator, there are some key features that were missing in previous versions:

  • Start button.
  • Screen rotation
  • Possibility of connecting with DevTools.

This should help developers working on Firefox OS applications in a better and efficient way.