What audio and video formats can I see in my Firefox OS?

When we use our mobile device for something more than developing as it is in my case, we want more something that entertains us in our spare time or in traffic jams on the roads, etc. And since there are no alternatives in music and video players, it is not clear what audio video formats we can place on our SD cards.

Reading over there I got to the mozilla media development mailing list and clearly and understandably define the codecs and containers supported by our Firefox OS.

  • H.264 Codec in a container * .mp4.
  • AAC codec in a container * .mp4.
  • MP3 Codec.
  • Codec WAV.
  • Opus Codec in a container * .ogg.
  • Codec Vorbis in a container * .ogg or * .webm.
  • Theora Codec in a container * .ogg.
  • VP8 codec in a container * .webm.

If we are of those who always go further we can play with the options when converting our videos or audios with our audio and video converter, we already have wildcards with which we can play at our whim.

Happy Hacking!

[Video] Sony adds a widgets system for Firefox OS

Sony was one of the first manufacturers to offer support and support for the open source mobile platform Firefox OS since it was announced a year ago.

Already last year the same Vice President of Mozilla has admitted that Sony intends to launch a high-end terminal for the new OS, in addition, to have launched an experimental ROM with Firefox OS for the Xperia E.

Sony continues with the evaluation of Firefox OS and has presented on its official blog a new development alternative called “Gadget”, which is very similar to the usual widgets on Android and other platforms. The video released by the company shows the operation and integration of the same in Gaia, the user interface level operating system of Firefox.

The user can add a gadget to the main screen, which is accessed through a menu with a long press on the home screen and also use it to lock the screen, which provides direct access to the main application. You can interact with the application through the gadget, move it on the screen or change its size.

We already know that Firefox OS is an open source operating system and allows anyone who thinks they have a good idea to submit it for evaluation.

On the part of Mozilla, it is known that they are already evaluating this system created by Sony to add it to their next versions of the Firefox OS operating system.

Revealed specifications of all new Alcatel OneTouch Fire

A few minutes ago we wrote about the new devices that will be released with Firefox OS in 2014 and this time we want to bring you a scoop in relation to the specifications of the new equipment we will have available with the Alcatel series, OneTouch Fire.

All devices will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a power that will depend on the market segment in which they are launched.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire C

First of all we started with the Alcatel OneTouch Fire C (which means conscious of the costs), which will have a 3.5 “HVGA screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a VGA camera.

Alcatel One Touch Fire E

The Fire E (which means “elegant”) has a 4.5 “screen, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a VGA front camera. It has 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and slot for microSD cards. The Fire C and the Fire E will have a price of 59 and 139 euros, respectively.

Alcatel OneTouch Fire S

The Alcatel OneTouch Fire S (which means “speed”) has a 4.5 “QHD screen (540X950), 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and an 8 MP rear camera with LED flash.

This will be the first Firefox OS device with NFC , its price will be 169 Euros. The Alcatel OneTouch Fire 7 tablet will have a 7 “QHD screen, 1.2 GHz processor, VGA front camera and 5 MP rear cameras, plus 4 GB of internal storage with microSD expansion slot at a price of 79 Euros .

WhatsApp will not reach Firefox OS

Not everything is good news in recent days in relation to Mozilla and its mobile operating system, and this time we come to talk about WhatsApp, because at MWC 2014 it has been reported that the most popular instant messaging application in the world will not be available in the short or medium term for Firefox OS devices, instead, the bet will be LINE, which is already available to download in the Marketplace.

With the absence of WhatsApp for Firefox OS, LINE will be the best of Mozilla and Telefonica.

The reason why this application will not reach Firefox OS is due to a disagreement between WhatsApp and Mozilla, so for now we should stop dreaming about it and start using its alternatives ( Loqui IM and Connecta2 ).

This situation has caused that Mozilla and Telefonica bet with everything to LINE, one of the most popular applications of instantaneous mail, the strange thing of the case would be to see if BBM wants to bet to give a space to Firefox OS between its rows, although it can sound illogical after of having expressed that they will not support Windows Phone because it does not consider it a “popular” enough operating system.

Another alternative that is sounding more messaging is Telegram, but its developers have expressed that they do not intend to launch an official client for Firefox OS, but that their API is still open for developers to encourage them to create a third-party client.

Best apps for Firefox OS in 2014

Firefox OS does not stop being news, the Mozilla opting system is already available in many countries and little by little we are getting information related to each of the companies that will work together to make their growth something definitely to be taken into account by part of its competitors … This year we will see new mobile phones, but in addition to this, we will also have smart TVs, tablets, minicomputers and other devices that will include it.

Despite its somewhat limited repertoire of applications, and with the imminent wait for WhatsApp and other important ones, in the Firefox Marketplace we are shown a list of popular ones that we would like to talk to you about today, these are undoubtedly the best free applications for Firefox OS that we can download and enjoy to date.

Best applications for Firefox OS

1.- ConnectA2: An excellent third-party application developed solely and exclusively to offer its users compatibility with WhatsApp, in MiFirefoxOS we have talked about it in this post.

2.- Loqui IM : In its beginnings, an application also of multi-platform messaging in which you can use the services of Google Hangouts, Facebook Chat, Nimbuzz, Nokia Ovi, Microsoft Lync or any other XMPP / Jabber provider in the world, its recent compatibility with WhatsApp has taken it to the top as one of the best applications for Firefox OS, ranking second among the most popular in the Marketplace, we talked a lot about it in the blog.

3.- Facebook : It should not be a secret for anyone that the largest and most important social network is among the most downloaded applications of Mozilla’s mobile operating system, with it you can see what your friends are doing, share updates, videos, post and view comments, in addition to using the famous chat.

4.- Twitter : This is another of the social networks that set the standard in the present, with a vertiginous growth in recent years has managed to sneak between the downloads required for Firefox OS, it has the basic options such as see your timeline, the mode connects to see mentions, discover and others.

5.- SoundCloud: An application that offers you the possibility to discover and share the music and audio that you love, you can choose between genres and get suggestions to find the best music alternatives that suit your needs, in addition to joining your great community.

And you, do you have any preferred application in your Firefox OS that you think should be in this Top 5?

Firefox OS 1.3 shows its new features in video

Today we bring you an interesting video that shows some advances of the new version in development of Mozilla, Firefox OS 1.3.

2014 will be a very important year for Mozilla, the PC version of Firefox will include the new graphics interface Australis, while a new graphics interface for the mobile operating system Firefox OS should also be reaching new phones, tablets, and Smart TVs manufactured in collaboration with Panasonic.

Firefox OS 1.3 will have a lot of new features

Almost simultaneously with the release of the stable version of Firefox OS 1.2, the developers of Mozilla have begun to develop the new version 1.3, which includes several improvements and new features that will make the mobile operating system more stable and complete.

Among the changes that have been confirmed in Firefox OS 1.3, we can mention that it will provide support for a new option that will allow us to send several files through Bluetooth, it also improves the support for sending and receiving MMS / SMS and some corrections in the support for POP3.

Firefox OS 1.3 includes several improvements in WebGL and support for Azure, in addition to new controls in the audio player notifications and retake the camera’s autofocus, even improving the support for the LED flash on new devices.

With Firefox OS 1.3 streaming has also been improved with support for RTSP and RTP / RTCP in UDP / IP and RTSP in TCP / IP, improvements in compatibility with the Marketplace and the installation and management of new applications, as well as some improvements in keyboard.

Then we leave a small video where you can see some features that have Firefox OS 1.3.