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What audio and video formats can I see in my Firefox OS?

When we use our mobile device for something more than developing as it is in my case, we want more something that entertains us in our spare time or in traffic jams on the roads, etc. And since there are no alternatives in music and video players, it is not clear what audio video formats we can place on our SD cards.

Reading over there I got to the mozilla media development mailing list and clearly and understandably define the codecs and containers supported by our Firefox OS.

  • H.264 Codec in a container * .mp4.
  • AAC codec in a container * .mp4.
  • MP3 Codec.
  • Codec WAV.
  • Opus Codec in a container * .ogg.
  • Codec Vorbis in a container * .ogg or * .webm.
  • Theora Codec in a container * .ogg.
  • VP8 codec in a container * .webm.

If we are of those who always go further we can play with the options when converting our videos or audios with our audio and video converter, we already have wildcards with which we can play at our whim.

Happy Hacking!

Firefox OS 1.3 shows its new features in video

Today we bring you an interesting video that shows some advances of the new version in development of Mozilla, Firefox OS 1.3.

2014 will be a very important year for Mozilla, the PC version of Firefox will include the new graphics interface Australis, while a new graphics interface for the mobile operating system Firefox OS should also be reaching new phones, tablets, and Smart TVs manufactured in collaboration with Panasonic.

Firefox OS 1.3 will have a lot of new features

Almost simultaneously with the release of the stable version of Firefox OS 1.2, the developers of Mozilla have begun to develop the new version 1.3, which includes several improvements and new features that will make the mobile operating system more stable and complete.

Among the changes that have been confirmed in Firefox OS 1.3, we can mention that it will provide support for a new option that will allow us to send several files through Bluetooth, it also improves the support for sending and receiving MMS / SMS and some corrections in the support for POP3.

Firefox OS 1.3 includes several improvements in WebGL and support for Azure, in addition to new controls in the audio player notifications and retake the camera’s autofocus, even improving the support for the LED flash on new devices.

With Firefox OS 1.3 streaming has also been improved with support for RTSP and RTP / RTCP in UDP / IP and RTSP in TCP / IP, improvements in compatibility with the Marketplace and the installation and management of new applications, as well as some improvements in keyboard.

Then we leave a small video where you can see some features that have Firefox OS 1.3.