WhatsApp will not reach Firefox OS

Not everything is good news in recent days in relation to Mozilla and its mobile operating system, and this time we come to talk about WhatsApp, because at MWC 2014 it has been reported that the most popular instant messaging application in the world will not be available in the short or medium term for Firefox OS devices, instead, the bet will be LINE, which is already available to download in the Marketplace.

With the absence of WhatsApp for Firefox OS, LINE will be the best of Mozilla and Telefonica.

The reason why this application will not reach Firefox OS is due to a disagreement between WhatsApp and Mozilla, so for now we should stop dreaming about it and start using its alternatives ( Loqui IM and Connecta2 ).

This situation has caused that Mozilla and Telefonica bet with everything to LINE, one of the most popular applications of instantaneous mail, the strange thing of the case would be to see if BBM wants to bet to give a space to Firefox OS between its rows, although it can sound illogical after of having expressed that they will not support Windows Phone because it does not consider it a “popular” enough operating system.

Another alternative that is sounding more messaging is Telegram, but its developers have expressed that they do not intend to launch an official client for Firefox OS, but that their API is still open for developers to encourage them to create a third-party client.